At the age of twelve Gerald started with his Dad's band, Lee Davidson and The Rhythm Rangers.
FR: L-R: Martin Stewart - rhythm guitar, Tom Batram - steel guitar, Lee Davidson - fiddle
BR: L-R: Bob Kruger - Accordian, Norm Eager - Bass
Gerald Joined Circle 8 Ranch on CKNX Wingham TV Show at the age of eighteen
Len Love joined the Ranch Boys at age eighteen
Len Love, Wayne Riehl and Gerald Davidson 
joined together as The Country Versatiles in 1964
At the age of eighteen Wayne also was a member of Circle 8 Ranch TV show CKNX Wingham. Also a member of the Country Cousins.

Len Love              Wayne Riehl        Gerald Davidson
Gerald Davidson     Wayne Riehl     Len Love
In 1979 Country Versatiles had there own TV Show
Jack London, Wayne Riehl, Gerald Davidson, Len Love
Country Versatiles and their show Good Time Country won 
the Can Pro Award in 1979. This award is for Category Stations with a viewing audience of  200,000 to 500,000 people. The Wingham T.V. station Channel 8 was very proud of this achievement.
In 1980 the Country Versatilies and there cast won the Can Pro award for the second year consecutively
1975, 1976 Gerald won the Canadian
Open Country Singing Contest, Simcoe
BR: Karry Jackson, Al Widmeyer, Gerald Davidson
FR: Len Love, Wayne Riehl, Melissa Diebold
  Gerry, Gord, George, Ashley, Gerald                                            

Tony Leggio, Wayne Riehl, Lloyd Mercey, Gerald Davidson
Gerald and Wanda Vic, fiddle player for the Nashville Now Show
Gerald with Gene Watson, Renfro Valley Jamboree
Gerald with Johnny Bush, St. Louis Steel Guitar
Country Versatiles 1970
Gerald Davidson,  Wayne Riehl, Barrie Ullyot, Len Love
Gerald played with Rhythm Rangers untill the age of 24.
Bass: Norm Eager, Steel Guitar: Tommy Barnes,
Lead Guitar: Roger Reeves, Fiddle: Lee Davidson
Accordian: Bob Kruger
Shania Twain was a special guest on Good Time Country in the mid 80's at the age of 14.
Gerry, Gerald, Melissa, George, Ashley, Gord, Patrick
Gerald playing with Steve Smith at Steel Guitar Convention, St. Louis, Missouri 1999
Trophies that I have won though the years
Gerald and Naomi Bristow C.K.N.X. Barn Dance Show Blyth, Ont
Travelling In Style in 2008
 George, Gord, Gerry, Ashley, Gerald
 Ashley & Gerald at  Renfro Valley, Kentucky Barn Dance
Gerald was a Special Guest with Leona Williams at Pearls Dance Hall Fort Worth Texas On Steel Guitar Russ Hicks & Mike Johnson   
Ashley Giles started working with The Country Versatiles Feb 2011
Gerald with Leona Williams in Fort Worth Texas
Gerald with Amber Digby at the Sportsman's Tavern Buffalo New York 
Gord, Len Hannam, Gerald, Ashley, Gerry, 
Played The Fox Mountain Country Music Festival Aylesford Nova Scotia Aug 2012
Len Love Born 1939-2002 played with
The Country Versatiles 35 years 
Wayne Riehl Born 1942-2009 played with 
The Country Versatiles 45 years 
Tony Leggio Born 1931-2012 played with The Country Versatiles 16 years

Ashley Giles, Gerald Davidson, Melissa Mouck
Gerald Davidson, Rhonda Vincent, Ashley Giles
Ashley Gerald
Gerald & Leona Williams
Randy Vereecken,   Gord,       Gerry,    Ashley,    Gerald
Gerald Celebrating 50 Years
Randy Vereecken, Gord, Gerry, Ashley, Gerald.
Gord, Gerry, Ashley, Gerald, George
Ashley, Bob Case, Gerald played with Bob at the Texas Steel Show
Ashley, Gerald, C.K.N.X. Barn Dance Shedden, Ont
Tony Leggio, Gord Ogilvie, Kerry Jackson, Gerald, Wayne Riehl
Gerald with Connie Smith at the Opry
Gerald at Pearls Dance Hall Fort Worth Texas
Gerald with Darrell McCall
Gerald with Tony Booth.
Gerald at the Apple Country Jamboree Colborne, Ont
Found a old one here Lee Davidson and The Rhythm Rangers
From L to R Ken Gregory, Piano Karen Davidson, Accordian Ken Rattie, Guitar Lee Davidson, Fiddle Gerald Davidson Bass George McKay, Drums
Gord, Ashley, Gerald
Gerald In Belmore Ont
Amber Digby,     Gerald,     Ashley
Gerry Felker Born 1944-2019 played with The Country Versatiles 7 years
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        George,        Gord,        Ashley,        Gerald,    Wes,
Gord          Ashley        Gerald
Country Versatiles In Belmore Community Centre 2019
                     Ashley & Gerald
Gerald, At Purple Hill Country Music Hall